Our Rapid Re-Housing offers housing and advocacy to those who are homeless and in need of short-term (6-24 months) rental assistance, assistance locating housing and case management.  While on the program, families pay 30% of their adjusted gross income toward rent and may participate in a case management plan to address barriers and attain goals leading to self-reliance.  This program is designed to help people stabilize, save money, gain education and/or vocational training, and transition successfully from a period of homelessness. This program has eligibility and income requirements. All program participants are selected through the Southwest Colorado Coordinated Entry System.


Please note: this is a permanent housing program. If you are in need of immediate shelter please call:

The Durango Community Shelter at 970-259-1255  or

If in Montezuma County- The Bridge Shelter in Cortez at 970-565-9808


For more information, please call our office at 970-259-1086 x34 or x26


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