Housing Counseling

We assist with:

Homeless Prevention

This program is designed to target those families and individuals who are at the greatest risk of becoming homeless. By working with a case manager approved households may qualify for financial assistance (when funding is available), and counseling, navigation, or case management support to help participants maintain housing stability.
Housing Solutions requires all participants to undergo an assessment that will determine their family’s eligibility. Eligible families will work one on one with our staff to determine the best stabilizing plan for each household.


How will this program help me?
  • Rental or Utility Assistance (as funding is available)
  • Budget Counseling and Housing Search Assistance; Linkages with housing programs under Housing Solutions Roof
Call our office at  970-259-1086 for more information about Housing Counseling and Homeless Prevention programs.


” I wanted to just thank Liz and her team for everything!! I met with Liz at the end of January because I needed help with rent. I understand that it was nothing new to Liz, but her help, and e-mails that I believe she sent to help us locate housing a success.  We are expected to move into one of their units this weekend!! I just can’t thank you guys enough for all your help!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Literally, I couldn’t have made a better choice than to come to you guys!!! Thank you so much!” – January 2019 Housing Counseling Participant 

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